ZO is giving away $5,000 to celebrate her 5,000th customer.  You have 4 ways to win! 

As a part of ZO's $5,000 Mega Celebration Giveaway, she is giving you 4 ways to win!  Giveaways and submissions will end on November 25th @ 12am EST.   Please click the links below for rules and regulations. 


Sign Up & Win

Everyone wins with free credit repair, but to celebrate her 5,000th customer, ZO is also giving away $1,500 to one lucky customer!  Just sign up, follow 3 easy steps , and relax!  Winner will be chosen at random. 

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend to ZO and you can win $1,500!  Tell your friends your email address so they can enter it into the field labelled "referrer" when they sign up.

Don't forget - they can win $1,500 also!  Refer as many friends as you like.  Do you want your own personal referral link? Just enter your email address below!  You can share this link instead of your email address. 

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Win $500 just for tweeting!  Post a tweet telling us why you like ZO.  Don't forget to mention @creditZO and hashtag #creditZO to qualify.  More tweets = more chances to win. Following @creditZO will also give you an entry! Click below to send out your first tweet!  

Social Media Challenge 

As a part of ZO's Mega Celebration Giveaway, ZO is throwing a social media challenge!  ZO will be giving away a total of $1,000.   To qualify, all you need is a Facebook and / or Instagram.  Here are the details….

  • -Follow creditZO on Instagram: @credit_ZO and Facebook: @creditzo 
  • https://www.facebook.com/creditZO/
  • -Post a picture or video about ZO on Instagram and / or Facebook and tell us why you love ZO
  • -Tag @credit_ZO and hashtag #zogiveaway and #creditZO
  • -The top 3 posts will be chosen as the winner, and each rewarded with $500 CASH! 

  • Be as creative as possible... the best post wins!  Please post as many times as you wish. This will increase your chances of winning.

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